Sarusan, the most mysterious continent on Golarion, is located in a trackless sea south of Tian Xia’s Valashmai peninsula, far from the trade winds. All available information on Sarusan comes from ancient accounts, because no modern expedition has successfully returned from Sarusan. According to these accounts, Sarusan is completely alien from the modern world. It is said to be a diverse land, containing dense jungles, expansive plains, and harsh deserts. Enormous mammals inhabit the continent, some of which have gone extinct elsewhere in Golarion and some of which are utterly unknown. Some believe that the black-skinned people of the reed boat culture of Minata are descended from humans who once called Sarusan home. Unfortunately, all of this information comes secondhand, from an earlier age.

According to legend, Sarusan and Tian Xia once formed a gigantic supercontinent, connected by a great land bridge. Long before the first Tian nations rose, the empire of Taumata was said to stretch from southern Tian Xia to Sarusan itself, but due to their hubris, the gods destroyed Taumata’s people and the land they lived on. The archipelago of Minata is said to be the remnants of this land bridge. Uncannily smooth obelisks on Sarusan hint at the ancient serpentfolk empire having a foothold on the continent as well.

Sarusan’s fauna includes many marsupials (mammals who carry their young in pouches), such as the thylacine.

Contributing to Sarusan’s dread reputation, those who venture near the continent mysteriously forget the details of the place shortly after departing.


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