Songil Sea

The Songil Sea is a body of water in Golarion’s northern hemisphere.


The Songil Sea lies off the northeastern coast of Tian Xia and part of the Crown of the World. It forms some or all of the coastline of the Forest of Spirits and Minkai.

During much of the year, the northern Songil Sea is covered by the ice shelf of Thremyr’s Shield. Ulaagor Bay, the Gulf of Khorkii, and Aokori Gulf are part of its expanse.


The Songil Sea is comparatively warm for its latitude thanks to a warm current that runs through it from the Okaiyo Ocean. As a result, it is a fertile breeding ground for sea life, making it a popular destination for Erutaki and Minkaian fishermen. Baleen whales come to the Songil Sea to birth their calves, but giant squid and dire sharks also prowl these waters in great numbers.

Various aquatic races inhabit the Songil Sea, most notably a great number of sahuagin, but also grindylows, gutaki, iku-tursos, krakens, sea hags, siyokoys, and tritons.
A terrible kraken called Tupta-Wa haunts the Songil Sea, surfacing once every twelve years to terrorize its waters.

Songil Sea

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